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Find out what Sandton Montessori Pre-school is all about. What is the Montessri philosophy, and how can this help your children. Want to join Sandton Montessori Pre-school? well check out our program and see if your child can be fitted in. Have a look at all the awesomeness of Sandton Montessori Pre-school.
Welcome to
Sandton Montessori Pre-School

sandton montessori preschool entrancesandton montessori pre-school entrance

We, the owners of Sandton Montessori Pre-School are determined to make your child feel as if they are at their second home when they come to our school on a daily basis.

As you will notice by reading this site, we are committed to caring and nurturing your child, and so allowing their own true inner masterpiece to evolve naturally.

When a child comes to Sandton Montessori Pre-School, they discover a world of opportunity that literally opens doors for them in their lives and futures. Our door is always open and so we invite you to come on in......... share in this beautiful experience with us.


"The things he sees are not just remembered, they form part of his soul - Maria Montessori"

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